Shoes Advertisement

Shoes Advertisement - Universo dos Negócios

Hello Everybody! Has a time that I no update my portfolio, but here I am 😀
I did a simple advertisement of shoes in the Photoshop. It’s a composition with Brushes and a Image.



Click to enlarge (1920×1080)


I did this Scene for working with simulation (Cloth), and for working with floor and bump texture. The render took: 15:12 minutes

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Nesta imagem fiz um teste com cabelo, e com Cloth para aprender um pouco mais, e ter noção na hora de modelar coisas do tipo. Na textura usei bump e no cabelo (Parte lateral da Almofada), usei o tipo de gradient.)
O render demorou por volta de 5 minutos =D

Para ampliar e ver mais detalhes clique na imagem!



I used neon color in this image.

In this image I used the Pink and purple color, for make the scene sweet! hehe

In all images is a spray, I did in 1 day. The render for this scenes took 15:00 minutos D;

Living Room…

This is a simples living room. I worked in this scene during 1 week,because I wanted that the simple and elegant scene were. The scene is simple but the render….
The render took 10:36 minutes for finish D: . But was compensator 😀



This image is a simple test that I did of grass, because I’m making a new scene and in the new scene is necessary Grass.
The render took: 2 minutes ;D


Interior of a Room!

Interior? Hmmm.. Yes is. I’m working in a project for use all my abilities in texture for make scenes most realistic, this image is for work with: Light and texture, by example reflection in the floor.
The render for this image took 5 Minutes, because the render is in High Quality.


This image is half confused, but is a good image, This image is a Cherry with drops of water in your around. The background I did in pos-production, In the pos-production I used the photoshop.

For this imagem I used simples illumination and texture, and your modelling I started by a sphere.